Whether you are measuring liquids, slurries, or bulk solids in wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, and bio-solids treatment, BAM Industry provides level measuring technology for both continuous and point level measurements. we offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic, radar, guided wave radar, capacitance, hydrostatic, differential pressure, and electromechanical type level measuring technologies.

BAM Industry offers a wide range of electronic flow measuring technologies based on principles of Electromagnetic, Coriolis, In-line Ultrasonic, Clamp-on Transit time and Doppler, Differential Pressure, Vortex and Variable Area to measure liquids, slurries, gases and steam flows. Electromagnetic flow measuring technology is the most used technology to measure flow in the waste water industry.

BAM Industry offers a comprehensive range of pressure transmitters to measure absolute, gauge, differential and hydrostatic pressure for level, flow, pressure and head loss measuring applications in wastewater industry.

Our temperature transmitters covers head, rail and field transmitters. They support all common RTDs, thermocouples, resistance and millivolt-sensors and specific sensors to match all applications in the waste water industry.

Our WirelessHART portfolio includes battery-powered transmitters, adapters as well as a gateway. With our WirelessHART solutions, users profit not only from lower total cost of ownership but also from significantly improved process diagnostics, productivity and security.

The remote data manager is equipped with Ethernet, GSM / GPRS as well as cellular or landline connectivity. It provides integrated web access, alarm handling and data capture for instrumentation.

Ultrasonic technology key applications: • Chemical vessels • Filter beds • Waste disposal bins • Open channel fl ow • Wash water vessels • Wetwell/lift stations • Drainage systems • Bar screen • Pump control • Differential level Radar technology key applications: • Anaerobic digesters • Storage/process control of activated carbon • Lime silos • Foaming wetwell sump • Hydrochloric acid, ammonia, nitric acid storage vessels