Mechanical temperature measurement work on the bimetal, expansion or gas actuation principle. This enables scale ranges of -200  to +700 °C in different class accuracies, response times and resilience to environmental influences. Diverse connection designs, stem diameters and individual stem lengths enable a flexible measuring point design. Dial thermometers with capillaries are particularly versatile. All thermometers, if needed, are suited for operation in a thermowell.
For demanding operating conditions
thermowells are available both in solid-machined and fabricated designs. The variants offered differ mainly in their designs; with flanges, with threads or for welding. Furthermore, thermowells are available in Van Stone design and with connections for sanitary applications. The choice of material and manufacturing to customer requirements ensures optimal protection of the sensor and precise measurements.

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The Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter (available with HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols) provides industry-leading accuracy, stability, and reliability. The 3144P is designed with a dual-compartment, field-mount electromechanical configuration, protecting the transmitter against water intrusion and shielding it from harmful electromagnetic surges. A 5-year stability specification and an optional integral transient protector make the 3144P the most reliable temperature measurement instrument available. The Rosemount 3144P has the capability to accept single-sensor or dual-sensor inputs, which allows the transmitter to receive simultaneous inputs from two independent sensors. A dual-sensor configuration can be used for averaging temperatures, measuring differentials, providing a redundant temperature measurement, and taking advantage of key features, such as Hot Backup® and Sensor Drift Alert. Advanced diagnostics capabilities enable detection of sensor drift, potential thermocouple sensor or loop degradation, and enhanced insight into your processes and instrumentation.The 3144P is available with MID certification for European Custody Transfer. Contact your salesman for more information.

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Rosemount English style RTDs come in both thin-film and wire-wound designs, offering the optimum combinations of accuracy and durability for temperature measurements.

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