Complete range of instruments for measuring gauge, differential and absolute pressure. In addition to high measuring precision and ruggedness, defining features include the convenience and functionality of a modular system as well as the perfect safety concept. We have a proven range of products for all pressure applications .

 Pressure Gauges

1.Bourden Tube w
2.Diaphragm w
3.Capsule Element w
4.Differential Pressure w

Pressure Transmitter

5.Pressure Transmitter w

Pressure Switches


7.Hazardous Area w

Level Pressure

8.Hydrostatic Level w

9.Submersible Pressure w


10.Diaphragm Seal w

11.Siphon w

12.Pressure Limiter w

13.Pressure Limiter for Low Presssure Ranges w

14.Pulsation Dampener w

15.Pressure Snubber w

16.Capillary w

17.Cooling element w

18.Flushing ring w