Klay Instruments

About Klay

Klay Instruments is a Dutch manufacturer of Process Instrumentation. Founded in 1978 Klay has build up a long history in development, production and sales of Process Instrumentation. Our company is ISO 9001-2008 certified.
We produce a wide range of Pressure and Level transmitters in “All Stainless Steel design”. Both Analog and “Intelligent” series are available with HART Protocol and Profibus PA. Many certificates are available, like ATEX Ex, EHEDG food approvals, Marine Type approvals like DNV, RINA and Lloyds.
All industrial process connections are available (more than 50 !).
Besides our pressure and leveltransmitters we also produce Levelswitches, like our All stainless steel “Tuning fork” levelswitch, type “Vibra-Switch”. Also a range of pressure switches and PT-100 temperature sensors are produced. All instruments are designed and produced in our factory in Dwingeloo, The Netherlands. Klay Instruments has a world wide sales and service network in more than 45 countries.

Klay Instruments offers a complete line of “All Stainless steel” process instrumentation for the Food, Dairy, Brewing and Beverage industries. The Pressure and Level transmitters from series 8000-SAN (conventional) and series 2000-SAN (‘intelligent’) are both available in more than 20 sanitary process connections and are CIP and SIP cleanable. For easy retrofit in existing tank spuds, many process connections from other brands are available. Both series get an active temperature compensation and have strong, highly polished flush diaphragms. Our Stainless Steel Level switches and Temperature Sensors (see page 4) are also available in many different sanitary process connections.


For the water- and wastewater industry Klay Instruments manufactures a complete range of pressure- and leveltransmitters.

For pressure measurement our type “Peramic” is often used with a ½”BSP process connection, with a ceramic pressure cell, Series CER-8000. This transmitter has ranges from 0.1 up to 350 bar, and very high burst pressures. This type is also available as “intelligent” transmitter “Peramic S” with standard calibration possibility without testpressure by 3 push buttons and available with HART® protocol or Profibus® PA output.

For level applications we can offer many types of process connections and strong flush diaphragms from Series 8000-SAN (conventional) or “intelligent” series 2000-SAN. For level measurement there are also level transmitters with a cable or stainless steel extension available, series "Hydrobar" and "Hydrocer".


The series 8000 and 2000 are compact and robust “All stainless steel” pressure and level transmitters. tanks, etc. The “conventional” series 8000 and “intelligent” series 2000 are both fully temperature compensated adjustable on zero and span while the 3 push buttons and a display, or by hand held terminal (HART®, option).All pulp and paper process connections are available.


Our pressure and leveltransmitters are very well equiped for use in the chemical and petrochemical industry because of the rugged and compact design including a stainless steel housing. The transmitters can be supplied SIL2 certified.

We offer a wide range of both conventional (Series 8000) and “intelligent” transmitters with HART® or Profibus® PA output (Series 2000). For pressure measurement our type “Peramic S” can be used with a ½“BSP or ½“NPT process connection and a strong ceramic pressure cell. Ranges are available from 0.1 up to 350 bar. For level applications we can offer many different process connections like flanges and threaded connections with strong flush mounted diaphragms.

The intelligent transmitters (series 2000) can be calibrated locally without test pressure by using 3 push buttons and a local display or by HHT or PC (HART®). Options include a local display and intrinsically safe (ATEX EEx ia IIC T4).